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Da har Gjallarhorn spilt begge sine avdelinger, og er godt fornøyde med det vi har levert på scenen. Det er også 4barsrest, som ikke sparer på superlativer eller artige kommentarer: 
Fredagens kirkekonsert: 
-Festmusik Der Stadt Wien 
Impressive playing this - right from the first notes of the old Strauss stadium opener. Kicks that tired sounding Champions League ditty into the Real Madrid onion bag any day of the week. 
The quietly engaging bit of Nordic midnight meanderings is equally effective too - shaped carefully with a crepuscular hand by the MD. Different and with subtle sense of dark, musky mystery. 
The finale pulls out all the stops - literally in the case of the electronic organ. Those chords shake the dust off the Gothic arches until someone pulls the plug - literally! Someone puts a krone or two in to get things back on track in time to re-align the backbones of those in the pews. The close is a taste of Apocalypse Now.... 
Lørdagens underholdningsprogram: 
-Tails of the Unexpected 
-Tanta til Beate 
Holy sweet little baby Moses and his little army of angelic cherubs!!! The openers were like taking an overdose of e-number Haribo sweets and spending the next six hours just flicking between random television channels at 5 second intervals. Totally and utterly bonkers - and very clever. 
An absolute delight with 'Tante' - led by Espen Westbye so stylishly on cornet backed by his group and the great newspaper playing perc soloist. That was stonking. 
Just time to re-align the vertebrae in my spine with the finisher that hits you like a doughboy punch in the guts. More wangling eye popping wizardry from the Billy-bonkers Espen Westbye. This is storming stuff - and great entertainment.

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