What is the mission of 1822 Fitness?

1822 is a private gym offering a wide range of services such as classes with a Personal Trainer West Palm Beach. Mission is to provide and deliver an extraordinary training experience with passion, commitment, and excellence in all areas of training: physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, to all our valued clients.

Do you specialize in weight loss?

We specialized in getting people fit by lowering their body fat percentage and increasing their lean muscle mass. Contact us for a free day pass!

How do you help student athetes improve performance?

We take each one of our athletes through a thorough assessment followed by an individualized training program to meet their needs and help them succeed in the field or court. We also mentor them mentally and spiritually.

What is the pricing for your programs?

No contracts. For more info on pricing over over the "program" menu drop down and click on pricing.

Do you offer discounts to first responders, military, veterans or couples?

Yes, we do. We offer 10% off all our services. Learn more by visiting our pricing page.

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